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Calibration values


 Resolution of the rain collector   Water in the spoon per tip   Number of tip at 0.5 liter   Precipitation in mm at 0.5 mm 
0.10 mm
0.20 mm
0.25 mm
0.50 mm
2.0 gram
4.0 gram
5.0 gram
10.0 gram
25 mm
25 mm
25 mm
25 mm
Adjustment screw sealing colour
0.10 mm
0.20 mm
0.25 mm
0.50 mm


On all our Meteorological models it is possible to collect the registered rain for a test measuring. The rain runs from the funnel into the measuring spoon and then through the drain pipe which is mounted in the flange. The water can be collected in a measuring glass for control measurement and laboratory test.


Connecting a controller to the PRONAMIC tipping bucket

The PRONAMIC PCB has a terminal strip with four connection (two outlets). The two outlets are marked as 1-2 and 3-4. The outlet 1-2 is connected by a reed switch and the state is Normally Closed (NC). The outlet 3-4 is connected by another reed switch and the state is Normally Open (NO). When the tipping bucket tips, then the reed switches changes state.

See the following guide for connecting the PCB to a IoT Device/Microcontroller

  1. Connect your IoT Device/Microcontroller with wires to the following screw terminals:
    1. Screw terminal 1-2 (Red arrow in Figure 1) if the desired state of the reed switch is Normally Closed (NC).
    2. Screw terminal 3-4 (Green arrow in Figure 1) if the desired state of the reed switch is Normally Open (NO).

  2. Configure the software to add the calibration value (either; 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.25 - 0.5 - 1 mm) each time the tipping bucket tips, and the reed switch changes state from open to closed or closed to open.

OBS: Remember to check if your IoT controller has a built-in pull-up resister.


All our rain gauges are of such a high quality that we offer an extensive 24 months full warranty on all mechanical- and plastic parts.

We do not cover:

  • Failures due to unauthorized repairs or modifications.
  • Improper installation.
  • Failures due to unauthorized recalibration. (Recalibration is at own risk)
  • Natural events such as hurricane, lightning, flood, fire etc.

Spare parts for your rain gauge

If you need a spare part for your rain gauge we keep a stock of the majority of our spare parts.
We can send these day by day on week days. On some spare parts there will be a short delivery time.

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