Rain gauges for optimizing irrigation in agriculture

Make intelligent use of water in agriculture irrigation

How to grow more food using less water resources?

This is the challenge farmers are facing today worldwide. Year by year the world’s population increases in number. And when the population grows, so does the amount of irrigation to produce more crops.

Here, rain gauges designed for better control of irrigation processes are one of the keys to optimize water use. At Pronamic, we have a wide variety of rain and precipitation sensors that are perfect for agricultural application.

8 good reasons

For using the Small and Professional rain gauge for agricultural irrigation.

Competitive prices

Best value for money in the market

Compact and light weight

Easy handling/installation and low freight cost

Mounting brackets

Wide product range in mounting brackets

Accessory options

Bird protection and leaf grid

Cable connection options

Delivery according to your specification

Branding opportunity

Choose a sensor in a color of your preference

Your logo on the funnel

Branding opportunity of your company

5 days delivery time

Minimizes your storage

Rain gauges recommended for water management in agriculture

For the past 38 years, Pronamic has developed a unique and low-cost product range, especially for use in irrigation and soil moisture management.

For the purpose of water management in agriculture, we recommend:

Unique tipping bucket

The DNA of the product is our unique single spoon tipping bucket, which is one of the most accurate measuring instruments in the market for rain sensors.

Rain gauges made for smart farming

By using modern technology it’s possible to create even more efficient agriculture. By using a precise and intelligent rain gauge it’s possible to manage irrigation even better. The results are a reduction in expenses and an increased profit.

But smart farming is not only a benefit just for farmers. It enables sustainable agriculture that makes the most of scarce resources. Using rain gauges to optimize irrigation is not only a way to reduce expenses, it is also great news for the environment.

Climate changes demands sustainable farming

Because of the much-discussed climate changes, a lot of farmers will be faced with more extended periods of drought in the areas where their crops are produced. This will undoubtedly increase the use of irrigation for agricultural purposes and enhance the amount of technology in farming.

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