Single spoon tipping-bucket technology

All our precipitation sensors are equipped with our patented unique single spoon tipping bucket-technology. Learn more about the technology here.

A technology full of features and benefits

The DNA of the product is our patented unique self-emptying single spoon tipping bucket, which is one of the most accurate measuring instruments in the market for rain sensors. Using this technology provides you with a series of features and benefits:

  • Very accurate measurements: +/- 2 %
  • Flexible with many options in resolutions when fitted on our Profesional and Meteorological.
  • Standard is 0.1 – 0.2 – 0.25 or 0.5 mm.
  • Only one adjustment screw, which makes it easy to recalibrate.
  • Easy to replace when maintaining the rain gauge.
  • Bucket made in POM, which is a more dismissive material and therefore makes dust and dirt not stick so easily on the spoon and maximize water release.

How does the tipping bucket-technology work?

​The precipitation is measured by means of a funnel which then leads the water down into the single self-emptying tipping POM spoon. A hard ferrite magnet keeps the spoon in place.

The magnet always exerts just enough tension to allow the measuring spoon to empty in one quick movement (less than 300 ms) and then return to its normal position, ready to once again collect precipitation. This means the counter weight always remains the same opposite to other conventional two spoons tipping bucket rain gauges.

General description of the Single Spoon Tipping Bucket

  1. ​Self-emptying bucket made of POM
  2. PCB with reed switch
  3. Screw to hold the entire unit
  4. Magnet
  5. Adjustment screw
  6. Angle brackets
  7. Holder for bucket
  8. Drip catcher
  9. Counter-weight

Areas of applications

The tipping bucket is small in size but can give you valuable insight to use in different application areas:

  • Optimize irrigation in the agriculture industry
  • Measure the amount of rainfall in automatic weather stations
  • Anticipate water levels in water treatment plants
  • Measure drain water in connection with irrigation (for greenhouse solution manufacturers)
  • IoT Rain Sensor Solutions

Tipping bucket rain and precipitation gauges

Small rain and precipitation sensor

Item no.:100.053
Item no.:100.054

Tower rain and precipitation sensor

Item no.:100.073
Item no.:100.074

Professional rain and precipitation sensor

Item no.:300.021 – 10 (20, 25 or 50)
Item no.:300.023 – 10 (20, 25 or 50)

Meteorological rain and precipitation sensor

Item no.:200.002 – 10 (20, 25 or 50)

Small rain and precipitation sensor

Item no.:400.042 – 10 (20, 25 or 50)

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