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How to connect a data logger / controller

The PRONAMIC PCB has a terminal strip with four connection (two outlets). The two outlets are marked as 1-2 and 3-4. The outlet 1-2 is connected by a reed switch and the state is Normally Closed (NC). The outlet 3-4 is connected by another reed switch and the state is Normally Open (NO). When the tipping bucket tips, then the reed switches changes state.

See the following guide for connecting the PCB to a IoT Device/Microcontroller

  1. Connect your IoT Device/Microcontroller with wires to the following screw terminals:
    Screw terminal 1-2 (Red arrow in Figure 1) if the desired state of the reed switch is
    1. Normally Closed (NC).
    2. Screw terminal 3-4 (Green arrow in Figure 1) if the desired state of the reed switch is Normally Open (NO).

  2. Configure the software to add the calibration value (either; .1 – 0.2 – 0.25 – 0.5 – 1 mm) each time the tipping bucket tips, and the reed switch changes state from open to closed or closed to open.

OBS: Remember to check if your IoT controller has a built-in pull-up resister.

Is there a data-logger / controller included?

No. We only supply for OEMs and expect them to have a special made system, thus we only supply the rain gauge itself. Our rain gauges is connected to a data logger or controller by a simple wire-connection.

What are PRONAMIC delivering to a setup?

We at PRONAMIC supplies the hardware of a high quality rain gauge. You as the business customer is supplying the data logger / controller / sensor node which communicates with your entire system.


Does the Rain Gauge need a power supply?

All of our rain gauges (except our Snow Rain Gauge) does not need any power supply. The working princible is a magnet that affects a reed switch which opens and closes when the Tipping Bucket tips. Thus, when connecting a data logger / controller, the signal goes HIGH or LOW when the Tipping Bucket tips – depending on which PCB you choose.

PCB 9602 = Normally Open or Normally Closed.

PCB 9601 = Normally Open.

Safety feature on PCB 9602 - TVS diodes

PCB 9602 for the Metorological and Professional Rain Gauge has two TVS diodes in parallel with the reed-switches. The TVS diode will supress voltages above 36V, thus protecting the PCB from interference and surge current (Inrush current).

See more information here: Professional rain and precipitation sensor

How is the calibration value in calculated?

1mm rain = 1 liter across 1m2.

This example is for the calibration: 0.2mm/tip

Pronamic Professional funnel orriface: 200cm2
200cm2 = 0.02m2
0.2mm pr. tip.
0.2mm x 0.02m2 = 0.004 liter
0.004 liter = 4ml – thus the calibration is 4ml/tip

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