Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)

In the past 38 years Pronamic has delivered precipitation sensors to global manufacturers of automatic weather stations.

8 good reasons

For using the Professional, Meteorological and Meteorological heated rain gauge for professional automatic weather stations (AWS)

Competitive prices

Best value for money in the market

Compact and light weight

Easy handling/installation and low freight cost

Mounting brackets

Wide product range in pole brackets

Accessory options

Bird protection and leaf grid

Cable connection options

Cable connections according to your specification

Branding opportunity

Choose a sensor in a color of your preference

Your logo on the funnel

Branding opportunity of your company

5 days delivery time

Minimizes your storage

Pronamic recommends the following precipitation gauges for Automatic Weather Stations

Through 38 years of experience and careful research Pronamic has developed a unique and cost effective product range especially for use in Automatic Weather Stations. We recommend the following rain gauges and precipitation gauges for this application:

Unique single spoon tipping bucket

The DNA of the product is our unique single spoon tipping bucket, which is one of the most accurate measuring instruments in the market for rain sensors.

Customized solutions for automatic weather stations (AWS)

Our strength is customized products to individual customers. This ensures our capacity to provide cable connections and mounting brackets in accordance with your specification.

Recently, we introduced “colour and logo match”. Now we are able to customize the colour of the rain sensor to match your company colour. This can be combined with your logo on the sensor – a unique branding opportunity for your company and products.

The most comprehensive product range in the market

Pronamic offers the most comprehensive product range in the world market. This makes it possible for us to match almost any price and quality level when it comes to precipitation sensors for automatic weather stations including snow sensors.

A part of our product range are compliant to WMO standards.

Clients that chose Pronamic

We deliver our products worldwide to OEM customers and below you will find a small selection of clients who have chosen Pronamic as a business partner:

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