Service and support

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All Rain-O-Matic Professional and Meteorological rain gauges have been carefully calibrated at the factory, but readjustment can easily be made. 
Pronamic offers to recalibrate all Rain-O-Matic products for 175 DKK/23,65 €uro per unit ex. shipping charges. 

With every recalibration, the rain gauge and components are getting cleaned and there will be issued a signed calibration certificate.

You can also recalibrate it yourself in the following way: 
Weigh or measure exactly 0,5 liter (500 cm³) water. Drip the water very slowly into the funnel over a period of about 30 minutes.

By an Allen key S2 the adjustment screw – visible under the spoon – can be turned. If the screw is turned clock-wise, the display of the counter is positively influenced. If the screw is turned anti-clock-wise, the display is negatively influenced.

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All our rain Rain-O-Matic gauges is of such a high quality that we offer an extensive 24 months full warranty on all mechanical- and plastic parts.

We do not cover:

  • Failures due to unauthorized repairs or modifications.
  • Improper installation.
  • Failures due to unauthorized recalibration. (Recalibration is at own risk)
  • Natural events such as hurricane, lightning, flood, fire etc.

Spare parts

If you need a spare part for your rain gauge we keep a stock of the majority of our spare parts.
We can send these day by day on week days. On some spare parts there will be a short delivery time.

Please contact us here or call +45 86 80 58 66 for further information.